OOW249 Squad Automatic Weapon (S.A.W.)

The OOW249 Is The 5.56mm NATO Belt-Fed, Air-Cooled, Fully Automatic Light Machine Gun Currently Deployed By U.S. And International Forces.

The OOW249 is the belt-fed, air-cooled, fully automatic light machine gun currently deployed by U.S. and international forces. Since the invasion of Panama in 1989, the SAW has proven itself in every major U.S. conflict.

Since 1984, the SAW has been found to be the most effective candidate to address the need for additional firepower in small units. For over 30 years, our OOW249 has seen every possible condition and environment and continues to come out on top.

The OOW249 SAW provides infantry fire teams with the heavy volume of fire of a machine gun combined with light weight and accuracy. It fires the NATO standard 5.56mm cartridge from a belt or magazine, and is capable of engaging targets out to 800 meters.

With the addition of the OOW249 SAW to our production line, OOW has evolved to provide the customer with a single source for their crew served weapons needs.

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