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Welcome To The Website Of Artillerie Inrichtingen Armaments B.V.

Artillerie Inrichtingen Armaments ( A.I Armaments or AIA) were registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce on March 1, 2022, under registration number 63230402.

A.I Armaments B.V is a dynamic defense contractor and solutions company focused on the development and manufacturing of Weapons and Small, Medium and Heavy Caliber Ammunition.

Our company comprises a diverse team of professionals with backgrounds and expertise in the Dynamic Shooting World and defense industries and global partners with decades of experience in the development of Patented Designs in Ammunition.

We are dedicated to innovation, design, promoting local content, and bringing fabrication back to The Netherlands and other EU countries.

By collaborating closely with strategic partners, universities, and military clients in the Defense Industry, A.I Armaments B.V creates product solutions and generates new jobs.

Why Choose Us :

When selecting a partner for your arms and ammunition manufacturing needs, AI Armaments BV stands out as the premier choice for several compelling reasons:

Products & Services

We listen to our clients to find the best possible solution and create a WIN/WIN.

In a challenging environment, you only want to relay on the best of the best.

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Ondernemer wil Nederlandse kogelfabriek en made in Holland vuurwapen

How an article on Linkedin ignited the media to put our young start-up right in the center of all topics anout bringing back an Ammunition and Weapon Factory back into the Netherlands


Meet Our People

Gerard Zondervan

CEO & Founder

Gerard Zondervan (1963) started his career as a project manager at an engineering firm after his graduation in Mechanical Engineering founded his 1st company in 1995. He has a long track record as an serial entrepreneur & owner of various companies Globally. Started as a purchasing company for multinationals such as Shell, Exxon , Mfr valves ,measuring and control systems for the on-and -offshore industry. As an active sport shooter and given his broad interest in the defense industry, a roll-out in the field of producing weapons and ammunition for defense was obvious. He studied at the Nl Police Academy

Michael Zondervan

Business Advisor

Michael Zondervan (1991) studied Mechanical Engineering and started working in the valve industry after graduating. Since 2014 he has been working with technical and commercial affairs to carry out complex projects for the major oil companies with a focus on FPSO's and Subsea applications. Since 2022 he has been General Manager of the Group's Oil and Gas division and responsible for IPS Group, Maverick Valves and Petro Control activities in Netherlands and abroad. In addition, he develops activities in the defense industry and assists AIA with advice and action.

Axel Macro

Legal Advisor

Axel Macro studied law in both Leiden and Edinburgh and specialised in military law and company law. He started his career at the law firm Pels Rijcken & Droogleever Fortuijn - the Government lawyers - and represented the Ministry of Defense often in legal procedures. After 30 years working as a lawyer, he has become a very experienced allrounder and has been involved in setting up and consulting numerous companies both national and internationally. Apart from his legal career, he is an experienced entrepreneur and owner of several companies. Mr. A.P. Macro is a fully registered lawyer and holds the rank of reserve captain with the military legal services.

Emile van Duren

Strategy Advisor

Ir. Emile van Duren (1960) had a military career and reached the rank of Lieutenant General. He was deputy commander of Volkel Air Base, program leader of the F-35 fighter jet, commander of the Logistics Center Woensdrecht, director of Weapons Systems (asset management of all defense weapon systems), deputy commander and chief of staff of the Air Force and commander of the Defense Support Command. He also chaired the Board of Directors of the European NATO fuel system. In Afghanistan he was responsible for all ISAF logistics under the southern headquarters for a year.

Joep Athmer

Chairman Advisory Board

Ing. Joep Athmer (1955) had – after his conscription with the Artillery and Corps of Engineers - a global career with Royal Van Oord in maritime civil engineering, oil & gas and the renewables industry. He lived and worked abroad for over 22 years in countries like, Canada, USA, Norway, U.K., Russia, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Australia and Taiwan. Functions included Project/Operations Management, Managing Director U.K. & Ireland, Head of Estimating and Engineering, Managing Director/President Oil & Gas division and Member of the Executive Board of Van Oord. Since retirement he holds various advisory and supervisory board roles. In 2021 he became MfN mediator.

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