A.I Armaments Is Dedicated To Military & Law Enforcement Community

Designed specifically for military and police, A.I Armaments firearms puts protection and performance in your hands. Accurate, reliable, comfortable, and durable, Our Ammo & firearms are built to meet your demanding standards.

A.I Armaments B.V is a dynamic defense contractor and solutions company focused on the development and manufacturing of Small Arms Weapons and Small Arms Ammunition. Our company comprises a diverse team of professionals with backgrounds and expertise in the Dynamic Shooting World and defense industries. We are dedicated to innovation, design, promoting local content, and bringing fabrication back to The Netherlands. By collaborating closely with strategic partners, universities, and military clients in the Defense Industry, A.I Armaments B.V creates product solutions and generates new jobs.

A.I Armaments is ACCURATE, RELIABLE, EASY TO WORK WITH. We aim to become your Military and Law Enforcement supplier that provides tactical equipment, procurement, logistics, government contracts, and supply chain solutions. Bring us your mission and we will take care of the rest. We actively welcome and seek customers equipment and logistical challenges in order to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions.


In addition to individual sales, A.I Armaments can equip your unit, department, or agency with our weapons. A valid department purchase order and tax exempt forms are required for all Law Enforcement rifle and suppressor orders. All Law Enforcement orders must be shipped directly to a department.

Upon verification of your individual/agency credentials, pricing and additional ordering information and guidelines will be provided via email. Due to the confidential nature of this program, pricing information will not be disclosed prior to completion of the qualification process nor should it be shared or disclosed publicly.

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