40 mm Grenades

Our 40mm grenade portfolio offers high-quality munitions tailored for NATO, military, and government use. Available in low, medium, and high-velocity variants, these grenades are compatible with a broad range of launchers for diverse operational needs, including close combat, extended range, and support fire. Our selection includes high explosive, dual-purpose, smoke, and illumination rounds, designed for tactical superiority and precision in various combat scenarios.

Low velocity

Low Velocity

40 x 46 mm Round RLV-HEDP with High Explosive Dual Purpose Grenade

The 40×46 mm Round  with High Explosive Dual Purpose Grenade is intended to destroy the enemy’s tanks, self-propelled howitzers and guns, other armoured and non-armoured vehicles and materiel. It is capable of destroying also the enemy’s personnel located in long-term emplacements, long-term camouflaged emplacements, bunkers, dugouts and buildings.

The rounds are designed to be fired from:

  • Underbarrel Grenade Launchers: ARSENAL UBGL-M8, UBGL-M7, UBGL-M16; M203; HK 69; etc.;
  • Stand-alone Grenade Launchers: ARSENAL UGGL-M1, HK 69A1; M 79; STAR FN SCAR; M320; etc.;
  • Multi-shot Grenade Launchers: Milkor MGL; M32 MGL; ARSENAL MSGL; etc.