Infrared Tracer

IR Tracer cartridges are meant for night operations, granting the combat  forces a stealth advantage. The bullet trace is completely invisible to the naked eye and only visible with the use of Night Vision Devices (NVDs).
Suitable for 5.56 x 45 mm weapons with 1:7 to 1:9 barrel twist. May also be offered linked with other trajectory-matched cartridges, such as Ball and/or SAT versions, in different configurations.

Normative referenceNATO AEP-97 ED A V1
Tip identificationLilac
Projectile typeTracer
Projectile weight3.35 g / 52 gr
Velocity at 16 m ¹ ²As per reference ammunition
Energy at 16 m≥ 1512 J
Service temperature-54°C to +52°C -65°F to +125°F
Safety temperature-54°C to +71°C -65°F to +160°F
Barrel TwistTW7