FMJ Subsonic 200 gr

Subsonic cartridge specially designed for suppressed weapons. Carefully selected propellant guarantees flawless functioning in all AR platforms, both pistol and carbine length gas systems. Base design according to SAAMI specifications and features additional military-spec characteristics such as NATO qualified energetics, full watertightness, visible annealing marks and superior ballistic performance.

Projectile typeFMJ Subsonic
Projectile weight12.96 g – 200 gr
Velocity at 16 m ¹ ²318 m/s 1043 ft/s
Energy at 16 m655 J
Point of impact at 100m – 100yd0 cm / 0 inch
Point of impact at 200m – 200yd-104.5 cm / -34.2 inch
Point of impact at 300m – 300yd-321.9 cm / -105 inch