.50 AP Solid

AP Solid Sniper is a high precision armor-piercing cartridge for long range shooting against protected targets. It is designed for use in all 12.7 x 99 mm sniper rifles and guarantees precision of less than 2 MOA at 1000 m. It perforates 22 mm RHA steel plates at 100 m.

Normative referenceNATO AEP-97 ED A V1
Projectile typeArmor-Piercing Solid
Projectile weight50.15 g – 774 gr
Velocity at 7.5 m1000 m/s 3281 ft/s
Energy at 7.5 m50250 J
Service temperature54°C to +21°C | -65°F to 125°F
Safety temperature-54°C to +71°C | -65°F to 160°F