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OOW240 Select Fire

The OOW240 Select Fire Trigger Pack is a practical upgrade for any 240/MAG58 weapon system.This patented trigger pack design offers select fire capability with an easy to operate switch. Simply remove the original trigger group and install the new Select…

A.I. Armaments

MK93 Mount

The MK93 mount is a dual purpose mount for the M2HB .50 caliber Heavy Machine Gun and the MK19 Mod 3 Grenade Launcher. Shown with optional Armor Shield.

A.I. Armaments

OOW240/OOW249 Dual Purpose Mount

OOW exclusive Dual Purpose cradle properly mounts all variants of the 240 or 249. The cradle features a NATO Standard 7.62mm 200 round ammunition can holder or all types of 5.56mm SAW ammunition packs.

A.I. Armaments

Helo .50 Caliber Mounts

The MK94 Helicopter Machine Gun Mount provides a secure means of mounting the .50 cal machine gun.  The mount is fabricated in aluminum and stainless steel.


40 mm Grenades

Our 40mm grenade portfolio offers high-quality munitions tailored for NATO, military, and government use. Available in low, medium, and high-velocity variants, these grenades are compatible with a broad range of launchers for diverse operational needs, including close combat, extended range,…


Large Caliber

120 mm series 155 mm series mortar round propelling charges. Our range of 155mm ammunition is designed in accordance with NATO Joint Ballistics Memorandum of Understanding (JBMOU) principals and is qualified to STANAG requirements.

A.I. Armaments

Twin .50 Caliber Mounts

The MK95 Mod 2 Machine Gun Mount is for use with twin .50 cal Machine Guns. The improved Mod 2 mount no longer requires feed chutes as in previous models.

A.I. Armaments

DK12 Mount

The DK12 gun mount is designed for use with the Soviet DShK 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun. The mount is manufactured using corrosive resistant stainless steel and has a powder coat finish.


H.C.A.R. (Heavy Counter Assault Rifle)

We’ve Combined The Best Of Browning’s Ideas, Today’s Tactical Considerations And Accessories, And Cutting Edge Engineering From The Team Here At OOW To Bring You The Most Versatile .30-06 Weapon System Available Today. SKU: 3311944